Your vehicles as they sit now!

I would bring the back down 1" and leave it alone. Good looking truck, is that a 275/45?
Here's my truck as it sat about 3 weeks ago... after it wouldn't start for me and I tore half the engine apart. Its now running but I think I need to put the better cam in and get a 3 angle done on it.

as it sits now... gotta love my instant floor jack...[img][/QUOTE]

That's not OJ's old ride is it? :scared:


Finally got around to installing the hids, just need to get the fogs in now. Really wish that light on the side of the building wasn't there.


Also, getting ready for tomorrow. Jesus, the previous owner of my truck was a slob. :nono:

Bought a new grille, and had the upper and lower bumper painted and color matched.