Your vehicles as they sit now!


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Jan 15, 2011
Post pics of your current setup on your vehicle.

Nah, gonna keep them for now. I do have to candy the third light though. I ordered a red one but dipshit sent clear instead.

Still BOO5TED, just not in the GMC. :aintmad:


What happend to the last few posts?

remove chrome rocker panel stick ons = much much sexier

k I lie, it doesn't look like that anymore, all that crap has been off for a few years now :lol:


Kyle, I think you have this thread confused with the past rides thread.

Still teh current ride :read:

Fine I'll follow the rules of the thread haha. Here's how it sits now on stock 17's and 265's for winter. Predators are waiting for spring so the new tarz to be mounted & balanced

Might be you current ride, but is that how it sits now? Me no think it does. :crossarms:


Winter mode, what's that? :fuckthatshit:

Still a sexy beast though.


Finally wrapped the GMC emblem tonight.



Y'all need to keep all that white shit up north aight?
yea, we got about 2 more inches after that pic, and it was gone by the afternoon yesterday. Kinda awesome, you get to enjoy the snow for one day, and then you don't have to deal with it after that.