Your vehicles as they sit now!

Paint looks nice, but car intake just looks out of place on the huge firewall, and a waste performance wise.
Just picked her up yesterday

Finally got me another Duramax and it even happened to be a lbz. I'm so glad to be back in a chevy, and out of that Dodge I had.
Dont worry, the bull bar is coming off and I will be debading/demolding, also plan to do a egr delete, and tow mirrors.
Don't let the large exhaust tip fool you either, for some reason the previous owner thought he would add the tip and leave a stock exhaust with a aftermarket muffler on that is pretty much as loud as a stock exhaust. I'm going to do a 5" eventually and will also get some different tires along with wheels, but I think I'm going to just run these tires till they wear out if the street tread doesn't drive me nuts first. This weekend I plan on putting efi live on the truck after I figure out a little more about tuning LBZs', and remove that bull bar, and depending on time I might try the debading.
Find you a set of H2's to throw on there for the time being if you like the look of them. I'd concentrate on debadging/demoulding/removing bull bar, then maybe EFI Live and tint for now. Good looking canvas to start with man!
Thanks. I gotta get to the eye doctor to get a permit for tint, cops have been real pricks around my town about that here lately. I would wait for EFI but I already have the v2 because I bought it when I had my lb7.
You can probably get a set of h2's for a couple hundred bucks can't ya?
Yeah H2's with tires I've seen for 400+ around me, should be similar hopefully for you. Cops are hard asses about tint here too, but I just drive the speed limit and don't give them any other reason to be pulled over and I've been fine.
Yeah, I've been thinking about just doing it, but one day when I was actually going to just go and do it, on the way there I seen a old lady pulled over and getting metered and I know damn well she wasn't doing anything to piss them off (other than the little bit of tint she had)lol.