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  • Awesome thanks for the info! I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on some black rhinos and if the rears don't pan out, maybe I'll attempt to narrow my rear on my own. Had no idea about vehicles being in storage, winters 80 degrees here.
    Sup man, PM box is full so I'm posting here. truck is looking sick as usual, rims really set it off. I'm really likin the black rhino lineup of wheels. But I'm wondering how the 22x9.5 +25 offset is working out being dropped so much? I'm currently running 22x9 +22 tbss reps with 265/35s and it's pretty close right now. I'm bagged up front so it's not that huge of a deal but I'm concerned about the rear if they can tuck? I'm really trying to stay away from narrowing my rear end since out in paradise no one does work like this. Also how bad is the stretch of a 265 on a 9.5" wide rim? Even on my 9" wides I really hate how the rim is wider than the tire, hate hearing the rim hit first when I set them down flat. Thanks
    Shit that thing sounds good in all the vids. How many mufflers have you tried and which isthe best one. That ypu have had on the sierra.
    Hey bro i was watching your vids on youtube and was wondering which muffler are you running.
    Did you or the guy who bought it from you tint the windshield? Also, he's running 20" Ballistic Jesters now.
    Yeah we were in my buddy's Gen Coupe, i was trying to get him to roll the window down to ask him about it. Kid wouldn't look at me. Unfortunately that truck will be ruined in about 12 months. When I saw it it had mud on the rockers and the kid driving had hunting hat and mossy oak jacket.

    What exhaust setup did you put on it?
    So your red RCSB is in Sudbury now. Didn't realize it was for sale again, I'm pissed I missed it.
    You sir are correct. Ford keys is all I have for suspension modifications. 20x10 preds and 295/55 trails...
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