Trying to make an old man's 96 ECSB somewhat cool

Today has been a long ass day of necessary work. New radiator installed, oil and filter change,cleaned k&n filter, polished head lights, full wash/wax, and finally got my junkyard esky cluster installed. That was a terrible chore in itself because I had to take my cluster apart, take my odometer, swap it onto the escalade cluster, and then install into the truck where I had to manually set each needle by where it normally is. Was a total pain in the ass and will never try to do again, but looks pretty sweet if you as me. Old:
Both clusters: and dat new new:
For right now, that's about as much I'm going to be able to do to the truck other than scheduled maintenance because I'm so busy with school, and because of school, I'm broke as all hell. But summer plans include: more low, painted handles and sport mirrors, interior esky handles, and saving for lq9 swap.

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Been in a huge slump as of recently. Engineering classes are kicking my ass, and I can't work with how much time engineering consumes, so I have slim to no money. However, I have to get my mind off school just a little bit, so I have been making plans for the truck for 2016. I really have no clue which direction I should go grille wise, whether it be a new chrome grille like I have now but with billet inserts, or a color-matched work truck bumper like this but with a billet bowtie
All I know is I really want to try to stay away from Gmc grilles. As for the rest of the plans, they go as follows:
•New Grille
•Smoothie front bumper
•Shaved tailgate with new "Chevrolet" tailgate banner
•2 inch drop coils in front
•4 inch leaf drop in the back
•c-notched frame
•bell tech sport shocks all around
•cm'd handles and sport mirrors
•switchbacks? Haven't found a brand that will work with my truck
•install Denali interior handles
•clear tails if I can EVER find a set

Time to start saving $$$

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Bought some all clear tail lenses from a member on gmt400 (thanks to Kkirwan77 for the tip) and put them in. The jdm astar LEDs I put in the tails burnt almost immediately and my brake lights wouldn't work with them, so I'm looking to vleds now for bulbs, but in the mean time I put red halogens in the tails. Look super Amber in the lenses, but it works for the time being. Before(with messed up license plate lights): After: super happy I was able to get a set.

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Them clears tails look sweeeeeet my dude glad you got them

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Trying to get this shit bucket ready for some shows this summer so after I start tax refund balling immediate plans are as follows:
•shaved gate
•painted mirrors/handles
•smoothie bumper
•new grille/billet inserts
•install Denali interior handles
•lower to 4/6

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Well, the ones at the Shreveport meet have already seen, but in the past week my truck has been torn apart and put back together with:
Colormatched exterior handles
StreetScene CalVu mirrors
Smoothie bumper
New valence
New front lenses
White led parking lights
Gmc grille shell w/ billet grille