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let me liven this place up a litte.

just finished my new setup

Pacesetter 1-7/8 ceramic coated longtubes
Dual 3" all mandrel bent built by me
Stamped 3" x pipe
(2) dynomax ultraflo 17221 mufflers
over axle and dumped at a slight angle

Was going to post my new setup but then saw this post. :eek:kay:

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Quick exhaust question for you guys. Right now I just have stock exhaust dumped after the axle. I like the way it sounds, but would like it to be a bit louder. Are there any simple ways to accomplish this? Could I just replace the 3rd cat with some pipe? Suggestions?

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Throw a 12" bullet in place of the muffler. Good tone and not too loud with the 3rd cat still there

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Just ordered a Aero3030. Should be here and installed next weekend. Little worried about when its in 4cyl around town. Will do a sound clip

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Brb when's the last time the gregd thread was active?

Aksholy I have three real shitty vids on youtube when I first got it in Feb '14. i remember i didnt rev too high cause neighbors lol
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Got my Aero3030 installed tonight and was not impressed at all. I used stock piping and dumped it over the axel, but I don't think that's the issue. Sounded alot louder and better on my NBS

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There's a 3rd cat or resonator for sure. Probably both

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My 2000 Silverado 5.3, Texas speed long tubes and a 12 inch borla xr1 oval dumped before the axel
This one is about a year or so after installed I think it sounds a little different since the muffler broke in

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Soon it's all changing tho currently looking for a lq4 short block to build me a nice cammed 6.0 :D
exhaust vids and pics

ive got a 2002 chevy silverado gutted cats into factory y pipe and no muffler its just too loud, so everyone post up ur pics and vidz of urs with no cats, gutted cats, true duals. cause im goona be goin true duals here soon and lookin for different sounds and pics of different ways for exhaust tips