Cam swap info and part numbers

none so far, to/from san diego for retune I got 18+ @ 65-70. Drive there has hills and some parts where its only 2 lanes so Im constantly on/off the gas. Thats also with the romping I did with justin. Ive tracked my mpg's since I got this truck, so once I get 3-4 more tanks through, I'll be able to tell if there has been any decrease for sure....but nothing noticeable so far.
good, makes me feel better about doing it one day. Not in the cards right now, but when funds allow I may drop one in. I'm still debating a DD anyhow. But things always change
last 4 fill ups....

15.1 (Babying it to/from work)
16.5 (To/from SD and city driving)
14.2 (Pure city driving, was raining so traffic on hwy)
14.2 (To from work, traffic, went to Billy's with shit ton of traffic)

Before cammage....
13.6, 14.3, 14.7, 14.1, 14.5, 14.7, 13.4, 14.1, 13.8, 13.3, 13.2, 19.4 (Slow hwy driving, no traffic), 14.5, 13.4, 14.4

Before tarz and cammage.....
13.6, 15.7, 17.4, 16.3, 14.9, 16.8, 16.7, 15, 16, 15.4, 16.3, 16.5, 14.8, 15.8, 16, 12.6, 15.7

As you can see, mpg dropped when I did tarz...not with cam
All depends on your mods and how you drive it performance mods can make the engine more efficient but if u drive with a heavy right foot you will definitely eat more fuel

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Im debating on camming mine.. Im trying to get LTs so i can do efans and LTs at once and thinking about dropping a cam in while i have some stuff takin apart. Problem is idk much about cams and what to get :lol:
Might make thread asking..
I actually gained MPGs on my 5.3L Tahoe when I did a cam and LTs. I did however have a mild cam good for a DD and a blower; I will caveat that I HATE lope, so it was nice a smooth but had a slight grunt. All depends on what cam you are running, as well as your TC, and headers.