Black Bear 5.3 Tune in a 6.0 MAX ...


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Nov 9, 2013
ihave a friend that sold his 08 Silverado 5.3 and gave me his Black Bear mail order ECM/TCM for my 08 6.0L Silverado MAX. i plugged them in tonight and I had to do the security re-learn. I followed the BBT instructions and after the relearn process was done, I attempted to start the truck for the first time and it immediately shut off. I started it again and the second time around it stayed on. I let it idle for a few minutes and then took it out for a test run..

Results i immediately noticed were the firmer shifts and what seems like quicker revs. I did a 0-60 run and the truck felt stronger overall and the RPM's went all the way to the limiter. I also noticed, it spun the tires (22's) with ease as it never did before..

Being that this tune was originally for a 5.3, i am now wondering if the 6.0 tune is any different , perhaps i could be missing out on anything ?? I dont have any other mods done at this time except that the truck is lowered 3/5

Besides the better gas mileage, what else should I expect ?

Thank you in advance
That's what I'm trying to figure out. Are there two different tunes Or are they the same.
they are different for each truck unless you are transfering it from a stock 6.0 silvy with all the same options as another stock 6.0 silvy.

if you have exhaust, it changes the tune, if you have intake it changes it. 5.3 to 6.0 is a bigger change yet.

realize the cam is different, the injectors i believe are different, so the timing is different. its a lot of little shit,

in the old skool mentality, its like taking a 2 barrel carb off a straight 6 tuned perfectly, and putting it on your 454 big block and expecting it to be running perfect and have a shit ton of power.
Makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess it makes sense when you look at like that.
would you really ?

Guys. Before I installed it I contacted Justin at Black Bear and he replied it might work and that it would cause no harm. After the significant changes I've noticed. I'll be ordering a new ECM/TCM for my 6.0L.
You'll be fine. I doubt BB has the tune so hot thatll actually be dangerous in your truck.

however id get it retuned for your truck only because your going from a 5.3 to 6.0. It may need fueling adjustments due to the added displacement. However your LTFT and STFT will correct if needed its not best
You do realize Blackbear is my vendor and has tuned a significant amount of vehicles and quite a few members of pretty much every GM truck forum and several car forums run his tunes...something tells me your shit was whack and blamed a tuner...
If someone swaps a flex fuel ECM in with a vehicle that doesn't have flex fuel, absolutely it will pump black smoke- different injectors. But sure if that is even what you are talking about, Thomas from Belize. Welcome to the forum...

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