BB 6.2 Review


Staff member
Dec 9, 2010
So I hit up justin, ordered autocal and waited for a tune from him. I wasn't expecting much because the 6.2 stock is pretty fucking fast. After coming from a cammed 6.0 I figured it would be pretty comparable to a stock 6.2. Flashing the tune with autocal was fairly easy and painless.

I'mma be honest, GM must have detuned the living shit out of the 6.2. First drive I wasn't expecting much but when i slowed down to 20mph and stabbed it I lost traction until around 40 mph. Shit was def night and day.

First time i actually raced it, i smoked a 2013 GTCS 5.0 by at least 3 car lenghts.

Highly recommend BB tune on a 6.2 to anyone who has one.