Tune before or after exhaust?


New member
May 16, 2013
Palmerston, Ontario
Is there much difference if I get my truck tuned before or after I put exhaust on it?

Hopefully getting a local guy to tune my truck soon but don't plan on getting exhaust for awhile, when I do I'm going with a Corsa DB.

Just wondering if in my case where I only have a Airaid MIT that an exhaust will really benefit the truck that much with a tune done before or after the exhaust?
You getting full exhaust? Long tubes, deleted cats? If so doesn't really matter. You can run that stuff without a tune, or get tuned then exhaust and have it retuned. Considering they're free
Ya my plan was just to get it tuned this month.

Cat-back Corsa system is in the works for later this year then after that I won't be doing any performance mods for awhile.
Exhaust swap provides little to no performance benefit, and there should be no tune changes.