Thoughts on this exhaust setup?

Tips cowboy'd but slightly tucked look dope like that! Ive always done my trucks like that! Ill find a pic...


just plain jane 4" rolled tips
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Looks good! I think those are a little small for my taste currently (I have had the 4" like that as well), so I think 6" will be perfect.
Ended up buying a magnaflow single in dual out muffler 18" long and 5" tips (12 inches long). Summit racing got everything to my house the day after I ordered it. Will post some pics this week after I get it done!
Cant wait to hear what yours sounds like Craig.

Can you post a video Col 10? I really want to run this
I can try. Need to figure out how to upload a video. I don't have a YouTube account can I do it through photobucket?
Can u repost the video? Its showing a error when i try to play it off my iphone. And love the setup on your truck with the tuck out with 6” tips. Currently in the process of making it look like that. I have a 4” turbo back to duals on 6” tips out the sides and it screams when i get it on. No drones on the highway and dont sound super loud unless you step on it.