Thoughts on this exhaust setup?


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Mar 9, 2012
So I know most of you guys don't like dual exhaust on trucks, but I really like the look of new member's Col 10's truck (bad ass truck by the way). He has it coming out similar to stock but I took his truck and photoshopped it coming out the drivers side as well. The tips are 6" in diameter. What do you guys think?


I would probably get a magnaflow muffler.
My truck should be just as high, 8" in total, just haven't posted pictures in a while lol. Now I just need to pick out a muffler! I like the rolled edge tips too IMO.
This is what I had on my '09:


I like how Col 10 has his not quite as wide and angled down a little more. Those were 4" tips on mine. Too small IMO.
That is the only way I like dual exhaust, nice and tucked up inside there. IMO I would do 5" instead of the 6"

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That looks exactly how I was wanting to do my exhaust, but tucked up higher with 5" tips.

What parts would I need to get together to give to my exhaust shop?
You would need the single in dual out muffler of your choice (I am going 3" inlet 2.5" outlet) and then the two tips of your choice. The shop would use their own piping to bend for the exhaust.
More pics he sent me to give me an idea. Looks perfect with the 6" IMO (you guys and your little tips!) lol