Opinion's on blackbear autocal tune

I got dicked around, and pushed away since I had nothing "cool" to tune. This is why so many local tuners get bad raps. I wasn't going to chase down a tuner for a stock truck. I would much rather have a local tuner than can address issues at any time, but hell, some of them don't even do free re-tunes. You're lucky to have them look it over once or twice after the initial tune, unless you suck them off, or are good buddies with them, or have something that is high horsepower that will get them better known!

Luckily, there are several good tuners in Dallas, so if I ever decide to do some sort of FI or cam, I will look into the other options. For now, I am happy with my BBP tune.

My point exactly.
Its hard to fine the tuner that has the knows everything about tuning that will sit down and adjust it until you like. Most that get to the "bad ass tuner" status starting tuning 800+ Hp vehicles and dont care to spend the time on say a almost stock truck.
One thing i like to stress get a tuner away from a shop on his own hours. You go to a performance shop and pay what ever it is to get your tune done 200-250-300 whatever it may be but they turn around and pay that tuner a few bucks a hour. You get the tuner to do it on his personal time he pockets all the cash made and will more than likely give it more time because now its his rep on the line not the shop you are paying.

I found one guy ( old friend ) who i let tune my truck the longest of times. After messing with it so much i finally got familiar with it and just got Hp tuners.

Everything on Hp tuners is just numbers. Numbers that represent a specific Unit or parameter.
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I can purchase windows and run it on my Mac but that just adds to the total tune cost. Hey samuel6731 the east coast supercharging sells the hp tuners for 499.99 is that about right?

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500 is regular
600 is for the pro

You can review on hp tuners website the difference

At the time we purchased ours (pro version) is came with 8 free credits. It takes two credits to tune a 99-14 vehicle. So it boiled down to 4 free tunes.

Afterwards each credit is 50 bucks. So it's cost you 100 bucks to tune a 99-14 gm vehicle

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Hp tuners comes with the special box.
Vcm editor
and Vcm scanner

You can download a free trial version on their website. It's the actual software and you can play on it see how you like it.

The software isn't worth the money. Your paying the big money for the little box on the cord called the mpv

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Well, I've decided to get a BB tune in the spring. My next question is, should I do the vette servo as well?
Might as well. It's a $20 upgrade that seems more than worth it :imo: I'm gonna do it on mine when I get a chance