NNBS ( GMT-900 ) DIC upgrade.

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Jan 28, 2011
I have a 08' NNBS Sierra that's the work truck edition, it was factory upgraded to power windows and a few other things but other than that it basically came with nothing. I was looking around on other sites trying to find information on the driver information control, because I wanted to know if i could get my truck to tell me more than just my oil life, trip miles, and total odometer reading.

I saw something about how GM included the plug in on every truck so that they would be able to do this but only put it on the panels with buttons to be able to use this on higher packaged trucks, thus of course it being an option they could charge for even though it's wired in on every truck.

If your truck did not come with the factory option of DIC controls then this will tell you how you can check to see if yours can be upgraded to have them by simply ordering the switch/panel and about 5 minutes of your time. I have checked a few friends trucks and so far all of them have had the ability to do this upgrade.

**Credit to whomever took the pics/google as I had to get pictures off of google since I lost the ones off my phone that I personally took when I did this. If this becomes a problem then I guess I'll have to take mine back apart and take pictures again.

The part you are looking for is part number: GM 19159438 or a you can click this link GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts
It will look like this:

This is what you will begin with:

1.) Start by moving your steering wheel out of the way.

2.) I personally used my fingernails but you can get creative and use a tool to pull the trim piece off, just be careful not to scratch anything. Start pulling the panel out of the dash until all of the clips that hold it in have been pulled out of their holes. Be careful as to not break them, this shouldn't happen if you take your time and pay attention. You can use the pictures futher down as a reference as to where all of the clips are.


3.) Once you have the trim panel out of place you can now unhook the wiring that was mentioned earlier. This is what should be there for this mod to work. The DIC buttons are the plud that the red arrow is pointed towards. If you have gotten this far and do not see this connection then you're truck might not have the option to do this. Check in the dash as a last resort however incase it wasn't connected or came lose. Next, unplug the headlight switch as well.


4.)Here is a picture of what you should have now. This is the headlight switch for the DIC. Again if you didn't see the switch double check in the dash but if not found then you are out of luck my friend.


5.) Remove the headlight switch from the old panel on the left and put it into your new DIC panel on the right.


6.) After switching the headlight switch over you are now ready to put the panel back on. Plug the headlight and DIC connectors back up then start puttin the panel back into the truck. Start with the end closest to the steering wheel working your way around making sure everything is in the correct spot.


7.)Once you've made sure that everything is in the correct spot gently push the panel until all clips are in the approiate places while paying attention as to not scratch anything that may be able to scratch. Different trucks might be colormatched, etc.



Now enjoy your work!

Hope this worked as well for you as it did me. You should now be able to see things such as mpg, psi in your tires, miles until empty, customization of entry lighting, and things like that!
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