How To : Double Din in a 99-02 1.5 Din

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Mar 17, 2012
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O hi there

If you have a lame 99-02 Gm Truck you cannot fit a full Double din into the Dash without a little Mustering.

Few things you will need.


Small air saw for cutting

Some ideas on how to mount

It really is just a job that requires a little thinking and some cutting off the dash.

You will need however a 03-07 Dash bezel as they have a double Din Radio hole...
99-02 bezel

03-07 bezel

To Remove the bezel is very easy. I always turn my trucks to ON, PUT into 1st gear(if Auto) then pull on the bezel. It is held in with push type clips and will pop right off. Wiggle it outta the dash and will expose your Dash.

Factory radio is held in with 4 screws, 2 on each side. Also the HVAC needs to be remove, 2 screws, and some plastic clips
(Picture from google, didnt ahve stock radio for my install)

Once all that is removed you will be left with this

Now seeing how the dash is normally a 1.5 din, and now you want 2 din, your AC Controls will have to be moved down a bit. I sanded off the plastic clips on the back, moved them down and screwed them into position. You ahve to instal and remove the bezel a few times so you cna get the Spacing right, but once its in your golden. I did have to light shaved down the back of the dash bezel where it goes around the HVAC to help it sit more flush. Once fitted, remove the HVAC so you cna work on the cutting of the dash.


Now that your HVAC is done, YOu need to cut alot of the dash plastics out of the way to make rrom for the bulky Double Din.

In the below pictures is the Dash in its factory form, the Red box area needs to be completely removed. I used a air saw with a 6" blade to cut it out. Then used files to smooth the sharpe plastic

Once its cut out, your pretty much done. I made some ALuminum Brackets that Attached to the side of the Double Din, then screw3ed them into the plastic dash, 2 per side. It doest take a few in and outs to get the fitment right, but once thats done your off to the races. It hard to give a true step by step, it all depends on what you require to be cut. So you really gotta feel it all out, but once done its a nice upgrade to the inferior 99-02 dash

As far as wiring, it just like any other radio!

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