How To: 03-07C Jump Seat To Full Console Swap

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Apr 25, 2014
Round Rock, Tx.
Here is a quick how too on swapping the jump seat console to a full console on a 03-07 Silverado. I looked everywhere online for a how too, only to come up with before and after pictures and very little on the actual swap. So I decided since I was doing the swap I would take during photos for others in case anyone else is looking to do the same. Please forgive me if this has been done, I just could not find much of anything. Overall it was the mod I had wanted and I was very nervous about the swap, but it is really straight forward. Start to finish might have taken 4 hours and that includes stripping the bose equipment from the full console.

The swap was done with my brother (truck 2) which has a 2003 Silverado LT and my (truck 1) 2005 Silverado LS. I wanted the full console and he wanted the jump seat because he is younger and wanted the jump seat for his girl. Anyway, we are both happy now and I got what I wanted for free, Can’t complain with that.
Basic hand tools were needed! Most all of the dash unscrews with a 7mm socket. There are two 10mm bolts in the full console that secure the front of the full console to the actual dash. I used a pass through 15mm socket to remove the nuts off the front of the seat track, and a 11mm pass through to remove the bolt off the rear of the seat track.

There are a lot of 7mm screws holding the lower dash on the truck with the jump seat. All the bolts were visible and easy to get too!
Once the lower dash from the jump seat truck was removed I removed the lower dash from under the steering wheel (two 7mm screws) I pulled the seats and the jump seat out. Once the bolts are out there are several push type attachments the will keep the lower dash pieces from falling off. There is a part behind the lower dash that has to be removed (little piece of plastic that secures the full console to the actual dash) for this swap. Don’t forget to unplug stings as needed! For the full console truck… The lower dash is very similar to the jump seat truck! The glove compartment has to be removed before the console will come out. Once the seats were out the console bolts have to be removed for it to come out (two 10mm bolts). Once removed and everything is unplugged (bose) everything should come out!

Being that the consoles swap included the bose system, the full console had to be dismantled and stripped of all the bose stuff in side. This is pretty time consuming as there is a lot of screws to remove (I believe my son counted 35 or 40). After all the bose stuff was removed it had to go back in the LT truck. I cut a hole under where the jump seat was going and ran everything under the carpet, then hooked it up and everything functioned.

The actual console swap is really easy, just take your time and remove everything, unplug everything associated with the console, remove the bracket that is connected to the dash, and install everything in the desired truck! If there are any questions post up and I will answer them. Sorry for the how to book, hope someone finds this info useful. Pictures to follow!

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Truck 1 Before
Remove lower dash bolts. There are bolts inside the glove compartment too

Don’t forget this one! It threw me off! Bolt is on the top of the compartment

Shot of all the lower dash removed and what is behind it

Stripping the dash from truck 2

15mm Pass through socket to remove the nut off the front seat track

11mm Pass through socket to remove the bolt from the seat track

Truck 2 (LT) stripped of seats and console

Truck 1 (LS) stripped of seat and console

Bose equipment being removed from full console

The Bose amp is under that rusty metal thing. Its held in place by 2 bolts

For those wondering, Here is the Bose factory sub. Looks like a 6.5”

The Bose mess you will have to deal with if the donor truck has to be put back together

Truck 2, Trying to make the Bose look as factory as possible

Truck 1 DONE

Truck 2 DONE
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