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Sep 22, 2013
Hey i have a banks six gun programmer right now on the duramax and dont like it really and a wire got cut somehow i fix it but still have problem with it so im thinking going with efi live but not quite sure how its working or wich one to get the flashscan v2 or autocal?? Whats the difference?? And what tune should i get for it thanks
Duramaxforum would be a better place to ask probably.

Get ahold of Idaho Rob, get a dsp5 switch and have him load you up with 5 tunes.
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I had a 2009 lmm duramax. I went with a DSP5 switch and Tunes from Duramaxtuners.com. WAYYYYYY better then the edge CTS Race I had prior or any other handheld tuner for that matter.

You can buy EFI live a few ways, if you purchase just the Autocal(which is EFI lives programmer) Duramax tuners will email you your DSP5 Tune. You load the tune onto the autocal via your PC, Then upload it to the truck. Very easy. EFI live is the BEST HANDS DOWN TUNING FOR GM's


Just in case a your not familiar a DSP switch and tuning i'll explain. GM ECM is capable of handling multiple slighlty different tunes stored in the ECM and can be switched within milliaseconds. You install a small switch that has 5 positions on it. Each tune(switch positions) is different from eachother. The DSP5 switch is then wired off an wire under the hood by your ECM. Then you program your truck with the Autocal.


Once you install the switch and program the ECM, your done. Tuning can be switched on the fly. Unlike the handheld programmers(edge, banks etc) You have to stop the truck, turn it off, and reflash each time you want to change tunes. DSP5 is done on the fly. I use to have a smoke tune. I would Floor the smoke tune, blast diesel, then switch right away to my power tune and peace the fuck out.

Like i suggest, talk to the guys at Duramax Tuners.com ,they can sell you EVERYTHING you need. any more questions just ask
efi live is software and its free and yes u can get it for gas vehicles...its what BBP has u use along with the autocal programmer.
The gasser cannot run dsp5 switchs.

EFI live is a tuning software, its what 50% of all the pros use. Anyone can purchase it with an autocal, beleive around 1200 when i bought it. Or you can buy an autocal separately and work with a tuner to email you your tunes.

All of my GMs have been tuned with EFI live
i dont know where you are located, nor do i know much about this idaho rob guy but if you live near maryland i can give you the number to this guy who does efi live tunes around here.. he's pretty good at what he does..
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If you purchase the entire setup for $1200 u can hook up your truck, plug in an internet source and any tuner can log into it from there home computer and tune it while u drive around.
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