Bull Bar Brackets and mounting hardware


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Oct 20, 2017
I recently aquired a bull bar for my 99 Silverado 1500. I need to get the mounting hardware that goes inside the frame pictured below. Any ideas on where to go to get this. Bought the bull bar off facebook and have about half the hardware needed. Left Side_Driver bracket.jpeg right side driver bracket.JPG bullbarbracket.JPG
If you really want to put that on, take whatever hardware you have to your local hardware store and try to match it up. If you can't find an exact match then buy new hardware that's about the same length and diameter in whatever thread you want.
I saw something mentioned about grade of bolt or something. I know different types can withstand different pressures. Is there a recommended rating?
It’s not like I’m gonna be doing PIT maneuvers guys. It’s my personal preference. Aight.

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