Black Bear Tune on 4X4 Tahoe?


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Oct 28, 2018
I have a 2002 Tahoe 4X4 and it falls flat on its face after 60. I've been told it has 3.73 gears because that's the only ratio that comes with a 4X4 and I've been thinking about doing the black bear tune. How much will it wake it up?
Its pretty decent, but dont expect to do wheelies.

By falls flat what do you mean? 3.73's aren't that tall
a custom tune will be the best bang for the buck without digging into things.

what size tires do you have? at 60 is shouldnt be falling on its face, OD is steep, but shouldnt be that bad.
When I stomp it it doesn't do much, and even with the old tires that were tiny it wouldn't spin unless I tried to do a donut. Then it would barely do anything even when I did it
It is going to, you have more wind resistance, and a steeper gear to pull through.

You still didnt answer what size tires. and also a SUV is hard to get to spin the tires, you have a lot more rear weight.

put a list of the mods that are different then stock so we can help you.
Literally only performance mod is exhaust. I had to remove my spare tire to do the exhaust but it's sitting in my cargo area. Gonna remove it completely to save weight. I'll tell tire size when I get home
My 4x4 tahoe came with 342 gears and its not really fast when you punch it. But I'm going to get front and rear 373 for it.

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^X2. Don’t fear the fear. 3.42 to 3.73 isn’t a big enough jump to justify the cost. I’ve had 4.10s in everything from Mustangs on small tires to Z71s with 33s. It’s nothing to be scared of

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