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I just joined, looking for any tips/tricks and such for what I'm working on. I've got two vehicles, kinda trying to sell one or the other to fix the one I keep up for myself.

Currently, I've got a running 1962 Chevy Corvair Monza 900. Wonderful car, mostly original, only replaced the gas tank, to my knowledge. It runs and moves, but she seems to have a stuck valve, which was where I hit a rut. I can't afford that level of repair on my own, but if I can get the money by selling the other, I'll have the engine rebuilt, and make it my daily, s'long as it stays reliable.

My other is a major project, I haven't started work on it yet, as I would have to sell the 'vair to do so, but it's a 1976 Chevy C-10. No Moto, no granny and in need of some TLC. If I sell the other car, I intend to do a rat-rod build. Lower the front, knock off the stepsides on a new bed, throw some fatty tires on the back, and run a set of spare trans-am rims I have on it, plus a few other verious custom bits, older/classic bumpers, custom exhaust, if I can afford it.

As for myself, I just turned 21 recently and own these vehicles thanks to my father, who's a car lover himself, and wanted me to have the experience of working on and going as far with a project as I can. I have a steady, if not well-paying job, and am an avid gamer as well. I've got experience working on vehicles that grows by the day, as my family has 11 vehicles among the four of us, with a majority being gm/chevy.

Tomorrow I'll be spending a couple hours at the huge local car show, frog follies, as well, scouting parts for either of my vehicles while I can.
Welcome fellow Hoosier. Always wanted to make it to frog follies but never have. It's like a car show on 41 that weekend though. We always see a lot on our weekly Sunday drive from terre haute to sullivan.

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