Jayballz budget raised bedfloor.


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As many of you fine gentlemen and ladies know, I am a man of severe stubborness and blind faith in my own abilities. This leads to me pretty much trying to make everything before buying the pre-made stuffs. Which sometimes leads to me getting pissed, waisting time and money.... you get the point.

So here we have my attempt at making a raised bedfloor that looks both nice and clean, while being functional as well. After pricing kits for wood bedfloors, I quickly said fuck that. So I went to the Depot and set forth on this journey. Wont you join me? (Lololololol)

This is of course the metal frame ive built inside the bed. Pretty simple. You get the point. Im building a toolbox between the framerails with all that spare space too.

Originally was gonna use 1x6's bug realized they were too skinny and I didnt like them, plus the cost of them added up to the $100+ area rather quickly. I ended up getting a 3/4" sheet of oak, and ripping it into planks myself. So far we are at $33.89

Now im gonna shot in the dark it here and assume that if you have the tools you probably have the knowledge as well, but just in case..... with any grained wood I recommend buying a fine tooth blade. It cuts much smoother instead of ripping up the edges. If you must use a larger toothed blade, just go nice and slow.

After my planks were cut to my width of 8", time to cut the length down.

You'll end up with extra, short pieces. These will serve to put in the corners, so dont trash them.

Before I went any further, I decided to test some stain. Turns out I like it just fine. So this is the color I will be going with. And yes im aware this is interior stain and will not last long. But its mostly garage kept, and ill probably get exterior stain as long as it looks the same. This was just a test sample.

Now, move to the truck. I just layed the boards in the bed, spaced and such. Now you can measure the corner boards and cut them to size, which I did not do yet. This is as far as I got tonight. Updates to come niggas.
Nice table saw setup. I have a Rigid 42" cut at work. If I had a bigger workshop, I would build a bigger table for it.
What are you gonna use for the channels between each board? Aluminum channel?
I saw this same thing done recently at a show, in an S10, had the metal subframe hinged so you can still service everything underneath, and the boards that touched the fender wells were beveled underneath the edges so they met up nice when sitting on the fender.

Also saw two other trucks at another show last year, and they had plywood floors in a stepside, then had home floating floor boards installed over the top, and held in place at the end by a metal strip, nailed in just like a home floor. I've got pics if you're interested