FFR Heims? Beware


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Ive tried to handle this via PMs/Emails/posts multiple times. Each time i was told "they must not be tight enough" or "installer error". This absolutely sent me into a white fiery rage. I've worked in customer service for over 10 years and i hate when someone doesn't back their own product or even try to help a customer. Yes they were part of the first ones you created/shipped. But they're still your product and i maybe expected too much from you regarding customer service.

The steering has been sloppy lately and i finally jacked the truck up and looked into it. I found what is in the video below, a worn heim or what appears to be some issue with the heim conversion.

As you can see something isn't right and is causing the truck to wander all over the road and be a bear to drive on the highway, safely.

After ordering new heim joints and removing the bolt and heim set up i discovered what the problem was.


You can see your bolt you sold with the kit is the complete wrong bolt for this type of set up. The collar needs to be longer to go through the whole heim, spacers and the other end to allow the nut to secure it. As you can see thats not the case here. Over time the heim itself wore into the threads and smashed them from repetitive abuse in your bolt you included. You can even see where the heim has threads in it from all the slop that was caused from the wrong bolt.


This is not a risk of breaking but a definite risk of dangerously wandering over the road at any rate of speed. I attempted to handle this privately to have you fix what seems to be a big oversight of the products used in your production but you brushed me off as an owner/mechanic with zero knowledge. Im posting this to hope you can publicly fix this issue and to inform others who have purchased your product to be on the lookout. If your truck wanders all over the road and you have any FFR product, id be alarmed and would bet you have this same issue. Using the wrong type of bolt on something with such importance as steering and mass producing them, advertising them to me is inexcusable and I sincerely hope you change this and use the proper bolts to ensure the safety of your customers and to back your product.
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Wow, that is shitty. Glad you got it fixed though.

word, the truck was wandering all over the place and a real bitch to keep in the lane. All it took was a 3/4 x 4" bolt with the head milled down and longer collar. Was $5.19 each. Seems stupid to sell with the ones they did.
Replacement bolts

3/4 x 4 fine pitch threads

Had to mill the heads down because the Clevis mount on older kits appears wider so would cause obstruction with OEM crossmember when turning.