2014-2018 Steering Wheel Control Wire for aftermarket head units


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I'm leaving this here, hoping it'll help someone else down the road. I would have paid someone for this info.

LONG STORY SHORT, I installed a Chinese Android head unit in my 2015 Sierra. I'm thoroughly impressed with it, and I love the fact that I have an android tablet in my dash.

What I had issues with however was the total lack of instructions for installing this thing. I was originally sent the wrong wiring harnesses, etc. I was finally at a point where everything was working except my steering controls. The seller was dragging his feet on sending me the correct T harness for the clock-spring so I began my search to figure out which wire I had to tap under the steering column. I found this thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/to...-steering-wheel-controls-io5-stereo-retrofit/

And what I was looking for is pictured below. I tapped the green wire in pin 2 of the clockspring connector, under the steering column with a T-tap and ran it to the Can Bus box from China, set the manufacturer for my truck in the factory settings of the head unit/tablet and they worked INSTANTLY. Even retained the factory external temperature sensor data lol.

This is why forums are better than Facebook.

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Pics of headunit? Agreed on forums > FB
Would like to look into this as well. My IntelliLink on the 2015 is slow and has terrible maps and connectivity compared to '16+. I'm looking to upgrade but dont wanna pay that MVI price.