Your vehicles as they sit now!

Lil update on my single cab. Lowered it and put a reklez under bed notch in. Front has 2” drop spindles. Truck still has v6 coil springs so I’m assuming 3” drop total in front. Sent the 80e to pro1 trans in Texarkana and had it built for 1000hp. Overkill for now but it’s there for later. I’ve put 1k miles on it and love it.




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Guess I'll introduce the winter beater now that it's sitting the way I want it to.

My lease return came due back in December for my 2021 Silverado, and in November the dealership had this 2006 Escalade chilling in the back in the trade-in lineup. Turns out it`s a well cared for Florida truck that some old Canadian dude drove to Florida every winter until Covid. 129,000mi, new windshield, bunch of factory goodies like the original remote for the DVD player, even the welcome CD in the stock Navigation unit lol. Picked it up for $7500CAD before putting my equity from my lease down on it lol. I bought a truck with my Debit card LOL

It now sits on some $300 used 33.5" Toyo Open Country ATII's, an Amazon 3" lift, and $150 worth of used Tahoe LTZ 20's and Amazon center caps lol.

For fitness it needed rear shocks, parking brake, and front brakes. 6.0 loves fuel but for the mileage this thing will see I'm really not worried. Just wanted to be truck payment free.

Yes I'll be taking the kids overlanding in luxury this summer too. Expect to see ditch lights and a CB whip on this thing in the near future LOL



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What’s up fellas? Long time, no see. Picked up a new beater a couple weeks ago from the original owner.


2.2 4 banger 5 speed, 146k miles. Lowered 3/3. Front valence is trashed, massive dent on driver’s door, but I can’t complain on a running driving truck on brand new Toyos for $1400.

I also finally did the brakes on my 82 C10 project and got to drive it for the first time.

Water pump needs to be replaced, it’s got a hellacious lifter tick, and the 23 year old tires need to be replaced. I also plan on fixing up the interior and lowering the truck probably 5/6.
Picked up the new daily last Saturday, '17 Sport with 71k miles. 3.92s, big tank, factory bedliner/bed lighting, heated/cooled leather, heated wheel, adjustable pedals, Alpine stereo, in floor cubbies/load flat floor in the back, heavy duty factory mats, tinted side windows. Bone stock other than tires and tint. Got all the LEDs on the way, will install those and de-stripe it this weekend. It'll eventually get 5100s/puck in the rear, helper bags, 275/65/20s or 285/65/20s, Corsa cat-back, Vararam CAI, windshield tint, and a tune.
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Picked up some stock 20s for the single cab. Got it ceramic tinted as well. Did a power window swap on it. Need to find the correct color door panels. But hey they go up and down on a button now. Tow rig in the background.

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