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Good luck man. The crew cab is really heavy! Takes a lot of power to get that thing up and moving in a quick manner. I have taken mine down the track a few times just for sh!ts and giggles and its insanely slow! My CCSB with a 220r cam / 3200 stall / 4.30 gears / Full exhaust / and tune has run a best of 14.5xx @ 95 on OE 20s. I don't see anything impressive about that. I have friends that think a 14 second truck is fast, but its boring to watch IMO. I haven't ran with my new set up and don't really plan too! Id hope it goes high 13s, but doubt it! Its just too heavy...
took my old duramax down the track, 60hp tune, ran a 14.6 at 340hp. later had 430hp but no track times with that set up.

my new duramax has a 240hp tune and hopefully around 500+ hp with supporting mods if the tranny holds it should go low 13's or even maybe squeeze a 12.99 out of it.
If you want to get it moving swap in a TSP 408 with twin turbos and meth injection.

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If I had a RCSB it would be a totally different story. You can make those trucks fast! I have seen many 370 HCI RCSB's with a single turbo run really well at the track, then cruise home with the AC on. The CCSB is just too heavy!

To the OP: If you can get a 13 second pass out of a crew cab that would be different. My local track has a bunch of 10 - 13 sec Mustangs, 10 - 13 sec GM cars, and 14+ sec trucks and suv's. Not too often do you see a truck break out of the 14s. The only trucks i have seen do that are RCSB GMs with boost, lightnings, and some v8 swapped mini trucks.

If anything just go out there and have fun. What mods are done to your truck?
There's a truck locally to me that is an ecsb 99-02, procharged, on OEM 20s and running 12.8s in the quarter. I didn't get a chance to talk to him last time I was there so I am unsure on what motor is in there, but it moves out.
Mike D. ( I think he is a member here ) his RCSB Sierra is fast as hell for a truck!

I'd love to build a Silverado version of his truck, but with a 408 and a single turbo.
Guy local to me had an arrival blue Silverado SS, 408 stroker with a Magnuson blower perched on top running 11's, but he'd break something every time he went out and apparently the truck is now N/A
go race it as is. who gives a fuck if it runs 19s....you'll still get a rush, you'll learn how to stage, when/if to use the water box, and how to hole-shot. go race man!
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that was with a tune only. hoping to get into the high 12s when i figure out my CEL issues.

still proud AF at that reaction time :D
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