post your boxes

these are saber cabinets. little more expensive than new age or other stuff you find at the homeless despot or lowes, but its a better value for the amount of storage you get and the build quality
Holy shop porn cheeny

Dfw your shop kyle, heated, fan, nice floors, nice vehicles inside it...
it's not mobile at all but my storage is done


welding cart is mobile though

Lawd thats nnnniiiiccceeee

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getting there. compressor arrived last week, hopefully ordering lift this week or next. that's the last big piece
Got moved from the tool room to assembly last summer, so I picked up a slide-top cart this spring. Moved my power tools, wrenches, and sockets over. It’s so much easier to maneuver it around jigs and cells instead of my main box. I changed my main box up some too.





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