OEM Avalanche or NNBS Roof rack

James Pate

New member
Mar 27, 2012
Margate, Fl
I was wondering if anyone with a NBS avalanche or the NNBS Silverado with a factory roof rack could give me the length of the side bars. I currently have rack off of a NBS Tahoe that I will cut down to size. The reason for this is I want to make it look pretty close to factory.

I found this picture but I think its to short :imo:

Like a thule or yakima?

Also noticed that most of them are short because of a sunroof, but that's no issue with me as I don't have one
I went with a friend today to pick up a new truck for his dad and it came with a yakima and an almost new Kobalt toolbox and he said if I fueled the truck up that I could have them since he didn't want them.