My Hydroboost Install pics


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Feb 22, 2013
Those of us who weren't blessed with a hydraulic brake booster from GM can attest to the less than stellar stopping power of the vacuum assist brakes on our vehicles.

For me, that just wouldn't do. So it was new project time. :grin:

Let me preface by saying I do have SS lines, powerslot cryo rotors and Hawk pads (I believe). Braking wasn't horrible (in relative terms) after the above mods in my 07 classic vs. my 02 with 4 wheel discs. However, I knew it could be better, and boy is it ever!

On to the pics!

Now, I'm not one to take credit for something I didn't do. I used this writeup to do the modification. I'm just sharing my experience and pics here.

First is a parts list:
15295853 - Hose
15804952 - Hose
15295840 - Hose
15734409 - Brake Pedal
15234828 - Power Steering Pump
18047512* - brake master cylinder, includes reservoir
15854060 - booster
assorted vacuum caps from parts store (you need a 1/2 inch one if I recall).

*For my application, I used master cylinder p/n 18047519 based on the hydrobooster I brought to the parts counter. I actually began this mod a few months ago and had to reverse everything because my existing master cylinder wouldn't fit the hydrobooster.

18047519 master cylinder. You may notice the larger size of the reservoir. It actually holds 2 quarts of fluid!(my guess it's meant for an HD) Way more than my original one.

I got the hydrobooster from these guys on ebay for 90 bucks.

I got the power steering pump from Striker Auto The cool thing about these guys is they purchased vehicles damaged in transport. I talked to one of the guys there to verify what I was buying. He said the vehicles are never titled and usually get damaged on rail cars (due to load shifting, etc.). Anyway, I got the pump for $40 bucks!


Here's before and after pics where I capped off the vacuum port on the intake.


...and here's the installed pics



Replacing the pedal was a bit of a challenge for me. However, I actually had to trim my firewall so the hydrobooster would sit flush against the wall. You could see the pattern for the cutout, so at least that part was done for me.