Looking for bulge fenders for a 15 yukon.


New member
Apr 3, 2021
I've looked all over the net I can't find anyone who makes bulge or prerunner or baja fenders whatever you want to call them.. my truck tires get rocks stuck in them then when I take off I machine gun them at the side of my truck on top of that I rub when turning and bouncing.. looking for some bulge fenders to come out far enough to cover tires while allowing some bounce while steering.. I've thought of just adding flexible plastic sticking out but that don't help with the rub it would make it worse leaving less room. If anyone knows of a company that's makes them for a 2015 yukon xl please let me know.
Good luck, not the ideal vehicle for aftermarket prerunner parts. Sounds like you just need more lift up front if you're keen on keeping the same size tire/wheel setup.