Long tube stainless headers

till the trans goes boom

Don't be silly, I'm still gonna send it.

And in reality, it is important to note that the stock aluminum driveshaft will explode if you hit the rollers using 3rd gear. Must use 2nd gear when on a dyno or an aftermarket driveshaft

So plans are, blow 60e, upgrade to 80e, better driveshaft, then all the boost, then blow rear.
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Motor is out. Had the cherry picker taking it out when a storm started rolling in. Seeing lightning in the distance makes you move pretty quick when you're holding a huge hunk of steel.

I guess I'm about at the point where I should make a build thread.

I'm going to soak the engine bay in degreaser and power wash everything. Then paint the frame rails and anything else that needs paint in there.

Any suggestions on what I should do while the motor is out? I wanted to replace all of the steering components but funds won't allow that currently.
I took the insulation off the firewall because mine was beat up. Looks way better.

Maybe put together some wire for a big 3 upgrade while it's easier to see everything.
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