K2XX Bed Side Stone Chip Protection


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Feb 9, 2012
Sudbury, ON
If you're like me and you drive your truck during winter months, and they sand/salt the roads where you are, or you drive down dirt roads, you've probably noticed stone chips on the lower front corners of the bed side.

I noticed a few weeks back that GM has started putting guards on those corners on the 2016 trucks, and when I inquired about them, they were only about $20 CAD a piece from the dealer, so I ordered them on the spot. I finally had the opportunity to install them.

Oddly enough, the covered ALL of my stone chips that I already had lol. I filled them in with my paint stick first though, just for corrosion protection.

Part numbers are pictured.

EDIT: They're attached with 3M double sided tape.


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Kinda what I was thinking, just wasn't 100% sure looking at it.

Yeah, Originally I thought there was a bolt on the bottom, and had planned on using 3M tape anyway. Turns out what I thought was a bolt was just a bump from the injection molding.
Not bad. I bet they would look good amd blend right in if you sanded then sprayed them to match the paint

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Then I'd have stone chips on those too lmao.

Once the truck becomes a garage queen, and parked for the winter, I'll yank them. No sense in pretending that this thing won't get chewed up in the winter, so I'll take the preventative approach.

I'm considering trying Navy blue plastidip on them though.