I need a 6.0 swap expert


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Dec 18, 2015
West Michigan
For those of you who don't know I bought an 07 Avalanche. Well none of you know because I don't have any of you on book of faces and haven't posted in a while. Long story short just had the trans rebuilt with high performance parts front to back. The shop warned me that the 5.3 isn't long for this world as the cold knock issue It's had since I bought it signifies the AFM lifters are donezo.

This brings me to you all. I've been shopping for a used 6.0 and the prices are right for an LY6 express van engine. The swap would be cheaper than a cam and lifters by about $1800 and I hate to have the same issue 50k from now after spending $4500 replacing what's there. So I'm wondering if an 08 LY6 6.0l would even work with the electronics or if the Express Van is wired differently. I understand I would need to have the ecm flashed with 6.0 tunes but it sounds like aside from that this is a plug and play direct swap which should be easy for any reputable shop.

I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Thats the same engine that's in the 3/4 ton gas trucks.

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Is it the nbs avy or nnbs? I should've asked in my first post lol

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Ok. Was asking. Gen 3 nbs motors use a 24 tooth reluctor wheel. The ly6 has a 58 tooth. You won't have to worry about that. You may have to swap the fly wheel. I can't remember how convertor bolts are one it vs the 3 your avy has

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Aside from flywheel differences (maybe), it's a direct swap and retune kinda deal. Freshen up and clean up what you're gonna, dod delete, swap and go.
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Awesome. That's what I wanted to hear. This Avalanche has 212k on it, not a spot of rust anywhere, and aside from the interior door handle chrome peeling, average button and steering wheel wear, and a small scratch on the drivers side rear door this thing is absolutely flawless. Brand new rear end with a Yukon posi unit, and a fresh rebuilt trans It's worth every penny I've got into it.

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Get the ECM if you can. Some of the later 07+ ECMs dont like being reflashed, even when doing a segment swap. The absolute best way to make sure there arent any programming issues is just get the ECM with the engine.