How To: Raise Bumper on GMT-800 (01-07 classic HDs)


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Jan 25, 2011
Redoing this because I still get questions almost daily on my instagram. My first write-up wasn't the best for those that have no mechanical skills and can't figure small things out for themselves. With that said I took better pictures the last time I had my bumper off my regular cab doing something, can't remember what it was.

You can use washers to raise the bumper, that's how I did it the first few times, that way is nice because you can tweak the bumper about 1/16th of an inch at a time to get the gaps nice and even by adding or removing spacers. People always criticize using spacers/washers and comment that it won't be strong in case of a collision. Well I was hit directly on the drivers front last February... bumper held up fine and it took quite a hit to the point that the crash tweaked my frame slightly and had to be straightened.

Start out by taking off the grille shell, shroud that goes over the core support with the 8 push pins so you can reach four of the bolts that hold the bumper on. After you get those four there are brackets on each side of the bumper with two additional bolts on each bracket.

Bolts removed:

Bumper Removed with brackets attached but loose:

Washers and longer bolts I used:

Next you have to modify the bracket that bolts to the frame and to the bumper. You have to do this so it clears.

The Bracket and how I cut it:

With the bolts in and fitted up with the raised bracket. This was before I re-drilled the side brackets and that is why the bumper is sagging so bad.

Adding to this:

This is what my frame looks like in front to clear the raised bumper.

Here are the holes re-drilled on each side

Brackets how they were cut again and installed on the bumper

Frame touched up with Rust Check Stone Shield.... best stuff ever.

The spacers I used this last time

OEM bolts I used and body shims if you need them vs. using washers

Side brackets on and hardware

Side bolts

Sweet auto merge fail, will someone please make a post so that I can throw the rest of my pictures up.... thank you.
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Nice write up Matt!

Thanks for posting man now I can finish. Hopefully the newer pictures help

Finished product and because I love Welds:

Couple more things:

Leave about an 1/8 inch of clearance, otherwise the shell will rub against the bumper cap just from the body flexing, not a huge deal until you have a painted grille shell or bumper.

If you want to use tow hooks: You have to buy 1500 hooks and flip them upside down. This isn't first hand knowledge, just what I have seen others have done. If you're towing someone out in reverse that's not a good idea anyways.

If you have a 2500HD grille shell: Save it, they are about 450 bucks because of that stupid spacer. Go buy yourself a 1500 grille shell for 150 bucks or so and saved the HD one for whatever reason or sell it.

This will help with fitting larger tires to a certain point. You're still going to rub on the back side of the fender if you go too wide with the wheel/tire. I fit a 285/55R22 (34" tall) Trail grappler on a 22x9.5" wide wheel back in the day. You can run up to 22x11's and 33x12.5 leveled and very minor trimming like this. x12s isn't going to happen, will rub on the back.
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I used an older write up Matt had as a guide when I raised my bumper, along with him answering a few additional questions! Turned out great. I used washers as spacers, blue tape was to hold them in place.

You can do it to the 1/2 ton truck also. Only difference is the way you cut the brackets, use less washers and you don't have to trim the frame.



Passenger side bumper bracket for reference.
Was stupid easy on 99-02 1/2 bumper. Literally all that was required was washers and adjusting the side brackets so the bumper was level

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