How are you guys wiring your fog lights on your nbs Silverados?


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May 28, 2019
I’ve been trying to install fog lights on my 2000 silverado, it did not come with the factory ones and I have a z71 valance with fogs, how would you guys recommend to wire them? Any kits you guys recommend?

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I had a ‘15 Colorado that didn’t come with fogs. Added factory ones later and just got a stand-alone harness and wired a little rocker switch beside my headlight switch. Was super simple and a hellllllllll of a lot cheaper than trying to wire them in the factory way.

Something like this.

And then just wire the little pig tails to your lights. Run the hot wire to the battery. Done. Super simple, clean look.

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I ran a relay to the fogs and had a switch but later tied the relay to the parking light circuit.
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