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Apr 18, 2012
There's a million opinions on the subject, I'm looking for first hand experience.

Engine is out, going to paint the frame and suspension pcs while I can do it easily.

Straight rustoleum will eventually peel off an unpainted frame
POR15 I have not had luck with and Ginger has not had luck with, despite following the directions flawlessly

What have you used as a primer and top coat and how long has it lasted?
My neighbor is letting me borrow his hot water pressure washer. I think 3200 psi at 250* will do the trick on the engine bay and frame rails.

I'm going to use Rustoleum primer and top coat with Rustoleum. I'll post a few pics when its all done in a few days.
I'm doing their automotive spray primer first, its good for clean metal and lightly rusted, which is what I'll be dealing with. Nothing is super rusty and I'll hit everything with a wire wheel or sand paper before painting
I stripped all the wax coating off my HD frame a few years ago. Then ran over everything with a cup brush on a grinder. Wiped down with laquer thinner on a rag. Primed thoroughly with rattle can primer, then top coated with Rust-Oleum satin black. Has held up great IMO.




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That came out great! Really nice job!

I ended up using a hot water pressure washer and that cleaned the frame and engine bay up in seconds. Then I used some Roloc discs to clean up the rust spots.
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