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Dec 9, 2010
Hey all (who still uses forums),

I know it's been a while since anything official has been done to the site. However, I feel I can finally broadcast what has been going on behind the scenes in the past seven months.

CGM started because a group of us were tired of the drama that other sites seemed to foster. Yeah, we were salty, but we were just folks who loved our clapped-out trucks at the end of the day. I've been financially keeping CGM afloat with no advertisements for the better part of a decade, and I refuse to remove any history/information that is still harbored on this primitive platform. Now is the time for CustomGM to become something much bigger than just a relic of the past.

Long story short, in 2020, I was medically retired from the military. As someone who does not sit still, I quickly found a job in corporate America and realized that I wouldn't say I liked every minute of it. No offense to those who want offices with no windows and water-cooler chit-chat; that's not me. Since I departed from corpo America and my disdain towards early retirement, I've decided to go into business conducting suspension and automotive repair. Luckily and to my surprise, not many know how to work on their vehicles anymore, and business quickly exploded. CGM has a shop in Southern California that we promptly outgrew and is now home to three local employees. To add fuel to the fire, I will be taking over the family business, which manufactures rare auto parts for various vehicle makes such as VW, Datsun/Nissan, Porsche, and GM.

So what's the point? will branch off into three divisions, the store/shop, which will be focused on GM vehicles (although many of our customers are Jeep owners), the partner company (VW and Datsun/Nissan), and the forum. I will not be closing the forum or social media outlets, and in fact, I would like to expand those avenues on both Facebook and Instagram. With all the censorship and canceling going around, I feel it's right to keep those channels open for those of us who care about our vehicles and don't feel like typing up "automatic automotive vehicle multi-geared hydraulically operated power distribution system" in regards to a bloody tranny.

I appreciate everyone who has utilized any platform we have created in the past and who still remembers the good old days.

Kind regards,

Wow, didn’t realize all that had gone down. That’s awesome dude, congrats on the success of the new business!

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Wow, didn’t realize all that had gone down. That’s awesome dude, congrats on the success of the new business!

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I'll be honest, I've been very busy behind the scenes making things happen. But just wanted to explain since the .com will change a bit when I open up the web store for CGM.
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Was just for jest. But for real open up a store front and give discount to forum members. Baja designs, toyo, and pick a wheel company.

Exactly whats gonna happen.

I'm also putting together a list of hard to find parts and see about getting them replicated.
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This is exciting.

I knew there was a master plan when you had me designing graphics, but never imagined it going this deep.

I look forward to see just how far you take these ideas!
I do wish we could host events like the thing some of yall used to do in Shreveport. That was pretty cool to see.