Convert 99 to 07-13 Headlights

Would you convert your headlights to a new model truck?

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Oct 20, 2017
Has anyone converted a 99 to a 07-13 style headlights using something like the link below?
Yeah it shouldn't be too terribly difficult, just some metal massaging and wire splicing. Should look good when it's all done!
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I am confused by the response about regarding the "didn't come stock for a reason". This is a modification, just like a bull bar or roll bar, LED taillights etc. My question was regarding if anyone had done it. Below is the description for the link above. Thanks!

1999-2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 / 2500 Models, 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe Models, 2000-2006 Chevy Suburban Models ( Will Not Fit On Silverado Heavy Duty 1500 HD / 2500 HD / 3500 Models Unless Modification Is Made With the Bumper Cover )
Crystal Head Lights ( 1-Piece Design ) & Front Grill Grille Combo Set
Headlights: Chrome Amber / Front Grill: Chrome
Headlights: Euro Sport Style. LED Lamps Offers Brighter Light / Grill: Badgeless Horizontal Style
• 100% Brand New In Stock, Item Exactly As The Picture Shown
• Comes With A Complete Set ( Driver & Passenger Side )
• Direct Bolt-On Replacement
• Instruction Is Not Included, Highly Recommend To Install By Professional Mechanic
• Modification Might Require For Using HID Lighting System
• Dramatically Improve Both Styling & Appearance
• Please Go Check Out Our Ebay Store For More Additional Hot Items

Technical Tips: For Cars That Do Not Have Daytime Running Light ( DRL ) Function: The Lights / HALO / LED Part Can Serve As / Give Out Daytime Running Light ( DRL ) As Extra Functions But In Order For It to Work, You Might Need Modifications To The Wirings And Plugs. Additional Wirings & Plugs For Daytime Running Light ( DRL ) Function Will Not Be Provided. Please Advice Mechanics For Installation & Remember that Professional Installation Is Always Highly Recommended.

**Please make sure all Headlights are install properly, sockets are tightly fastened and all O-rings or rubber gaskets are in great condition. Broken or loose O-rings or rubber gaskets on your factory sockets can cause moisture in your lights ( It can damage your light bulb ). If you happen to have moisture buildup in your lights, please try the following solution. simply remove the lights from the vehicle and set out in the sun or in a dry area for at least few hours. Wait until the moisture has fully evaporated, and reseal around the seams with a clear silicone sealant on the assembly and replace any worn down O-rings or rubber gaskets. This should alleviate the condensation issue.
What suggestions would ya'll have for mods to the headlights to make it look less like an old man's truck?
Uhhhh, those ebay headlights would be great! Definitely wouldnt look old man at all.
Stock or retrofitted stocks are the only options that look good on the front of a pickup, in my opinion. Some stock Denali lights would look good.

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Stock or retrofitted stocks are the only options that look good on the front of a pickup, in my opinion. Some stock Denali lights would look good.

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need to know if he has a chevy or gmc before denali idea can come into play. and judging by his ebay searches, he has a chevy,

denali is out unless he wants to change the whole front clip.
I am going with the ebay option

VIPMOTOZ Clear lenses headlights with black housing
LED Turn Signals with Black housing
Spyder Smoked LED Tails with JDM ASTAR 3030 3157 LED reverse lights.