Colorado/Canyon Replacement Light Bulb Guide


Low 355
Mar 29, 2013
Douglas, GA
Colorado/Canyon (With replaceable halogen capsules)

Low beam headlamp 9006

High beam headlamp 9005

Daytime running lights 3157N

Parking light 3757

Front turn signal 3757

Rear turn signal 3057

Tail light 3057

Stop light 3057

High mount stop light 912

Fog/Driving light(Depends on your year...check 1st) H11-55W or 9045 or 9005

License plate 2825

Back up light 3057

Dome light 561

Trunk/Cargo area 912

Colorado (With sealed beam headlamps)

High & low beam headlamp H6054

Daytime running lights 3157N

See List above for the rest of the lights.
Moved from audio/video electronics to exterior section

Nice work again bud :shake: good info for sure, but i think I'll let one of the higher up guys decide to stick or not

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Yeah i wasnt paying attension were i put the thread but thanks to all for moving it and stickin it. Now we got to get some more colorados on here
bring over your 355 guys

Glad u mentioned 355. I havent been saying it since most folks dont know what it is. They are GMT355s. Im gonna get on the 355natio forum and see if i can get a few guys /gals over here to help out. We are having a huge 355 meetat stone mountain, ga. There will be more than 50+ 355s
Yall are all invited!
I didn't know till you joined :happeh: but damn that's a big ass meet!! Be sure to take pics and post em here. Do want to see

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The event wil be from november 1-3 but the big meet will be on the 2nd which is when im going. We will be meeting at 9am at a hotel to cruise all together to the statepark were we will have the meet and greet. I forgot the name of the hotel. Let me check real quick
I'm out, I'll be in GA this summer but that weekend is my wife's birthday weekend. Doubt she would want to go to a truck show/meet for her birthday. :bishplz: