Choosing HIDS


Jan 20, 2011
HIDs are "High Intensity Discharge" Xenon Lights.
How HIDs work:

Basically, they come in a "Temperature," rated in degrees Kelvin. Here's a generic picture of the different colors. You want to pick a color that you like, but remember, some of your local law officers do not like HIDs.


These colors will vary slightly from set to set as there is technically no 'hard line' between when they change.

You'll need to find out what "Size" or "Style" bulb you have. To do that, I recommend using this Bulb Fitment Chart that will tell you if you have H7, H11, 9005, 9006, or whatever....

OSRAM SYLVANIA - Replacement Guide - Start

From there, you pick what color, and what Wattage you want; 35Watts or 55watts. I recommend 35.

If you want to put HID's in all of your lighting (your Lows, Highs, and Fogs), you would need three (3) kits.

Installation is pretty simple, here's a couple tips.

These (2001 +) trucks are reverse polarity, meaning that you will have to plug the wire from the factory harness to the HID ballast in BACKWARDS.

Here's a pic of an HID slim ballast. The single red connection (which may not be red in the set you purchase) is the one you would plug in backwards to the way it looks like it should. The other two connections go to the HID bulb and can only be connected one way.


Also, on the NBS (new body style) trucks, it's helpful to remove the airbox, and the drivers side battery to get better access to the bulbs. It's not that big of a deal. Some people have no problems gaining access without removing anything, it's your call.

These #'s come from thousands of people who own chevy trucks on several different forums who have verified the bulb types for them:
(You're more than welcome to verify for yourself or provide us with corrected info if you prove otherwise)

New Body Style Fog Lights are 5202, or H16.
Old Body Style CHEVROLET Fog Lights are 9145, or H10.
Old Body Style GMC Fog Lights are 880.

More Info in light of recent threads:

OBS trucks DO NOT need anything called "Code Eliminators" or "Wiring Harnesses" You just need the kits themselves.

For NBS trucks that have low beam/DRLs it is recommended by most, if not all, companies that you purchase a relay when replacing any bulb that doubles as a DRL (daytime running light). There are TONS of people out there with NBS trucks that are not using relays with their lows/drls and have had absolutely no problems. It's up to you whether or not you decide to purchase a relay along with your kit. Luckily, us OBS guys don't have to worry about it.

"Slim" Ballasts are just smaller than the normal sized ones... They are meant for installations in tight spaces.. your truck will have PLENTY of room for the larger ones, so it's up to you on which ones you get.

You can put HIDs in just about anything. Some use them in projector headlights even. I'm putting some in my quad, why not?!

There are TONS of vendors to choose from when ordering HIDs. Do your research, make some phone calls, and decide which one is right for you. Prices range anywhere from $25 per set to $300 per set depending on who you talk to.
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I have 10K on headlights. My driver side one has gone out again for the second time. First time was the ballist so I'm pretty sure that's what it is again. Anyone have a reason why it keeps going out?
I have 10K on headlights. My driver side one has gone out again for the second time. First time was the ballist so I'm pretty sure that's what it is again. Anyone have a reason why it keeps going out?

what year truck?
maybe a relay harness would help?
Not hard at all. Its actually plug and play.

Hardest part is mounting the ballast, which takes all of about 10 seconds if you dont care. You just ziptie it anywhere you can, or use some industrial double sided tape. Plug in the regular headlight plug into the ballast, plug in the bulb into the ballast, and place the bulb in the housing like any other bulb.

Very Easy, and great upgrade IMO.
so basically, I want the $30 Raptor kit for the fogs and lows, 35w in 6000k? then just get one 9006 kit and one 9145 kit for my fogs?

damn cheap mod if its just $60+shipping

even if you buy a few extra bulbs :five:
Yes, thats what you would be after (as Im pretty sure you have a NBS). All the "kits" are the same. What changes is the base of the bulb for your selected fitment. They all have the same connectors, same power and same "install" if you want to call it that.

Can I ask who your ordering from? The colour selection chart above varies between company to company. If you want white white, I'd suggest to go with 4300k, but no higher then 5K. 6Ks do have a hint of blue no matter what company, but each company varies by how much blue hue there is..

It is really cheap, and is a great mod. HIDs last something like 30,000 hours, and bulbs can be had cheaper then regular halogen ones.

Your order:
1 x 9145 35w _____K kit
1 x 9006 35w _____k kit
I'm gonna have to do more checking, there's no listing for a 9145, but my listing here at work shows the bulbs as Wagner 9145, I wanna say its another 9005 last time I replaced them

I'm gonna order from DDM as long as they can fill it, maybe in the 5k range, I'm still on the fence, maybe just man up and get the 12k ones lol
better hurry and grab ddm. Going out of buisness sale is still on i think.

Im almost 100% that 9005 will fit the fogs. Ill go check mine.

And remeber, the higher the K, the less usable light they put out. Higher K also doesnt mean brighter. I have 6k ddms in fogs and heads, ill take pictures tonight to help. Mine are blue white. From straight on.. Their white. From side they are blue.