Bedside replacement


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Apr 18, 2012
The beautification of my truck has been going well the past 6 or 8 months, looking to keep the momentum going.

Prices on rust free beds in NJ are typically high or I have to travel a long distance to pick one up.

Has anyone replaced the full bedsides on their truck? I have a fleetside bed and was planning on keeping it that way. Curious how much work it is. From what I've read elsewhere, it does not seem like an incredibly hard job. I'm less inclined to do the patch because, again from what I've read, its more work in the end.

Yet I also noticed that there are replacement bedsides for the NBS Sierras with 4 wheel steering that are fiberglass. Does anyone know if these will fit on a standard NBS fleetside steel bed? My truck will always have to live in the salt so my though is the fiberglass bedsides would be a better investment for the future.

For the record, I have no plans to ever get rid of this truck
If I didn't have the expensive Line-X, it would be a no brainer and I would replace it. BUt the Line-X is guaranteed for life and I can get it fixed for free whenever I want.

The inner fenderwell on mine isn't too bad, and since it shouldn't affect the aesthetics, I'll just fix it.

I'm going to price out steel and fiberglass bedsides and decide where I go from there.
There were trucks that came with the composite fleetside beds. Not a quadrasteer or anything like that, looked exactly the same, just composite. Maybe see if you can find one of those.

I've about given up on the rust with mine for the time being.
I know exactly what you are talking about. I found a truck for sale with one of those beds but I was too late and he already sold it.

GM invested a ton of money to make those beds and IIRC they only made them for ~2 years

Edit: it was called the Pro-Tec bed and it was all composite
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