Antenna delete mod NBS

Only thing I really noticed with this is I dont get AM stations anymore. Not that I listen to them very often, but I dont think it picks them up. All my other stations come in fine and dandy.
sweet this shit got stickied,
im going to try putting some foam between the antenna and the zip tie/body see if isolating everything but the base helps reception
I did this like a week ago, did the wire on the base also and I lost like 75% of my FM stations, don't listen to AM ever just no more bob and tom now, rest could care less because I use XM.
Did this a few years back, with the new cowl piece and the wire extension.
All my fm is fine, no am reception at all but idgaf. Now granted I live across the river from the 5th largest city in the country so my fm signals are pretty strong as it is.
I tried this with an NNBS, you can't get the base to clear the hood hinge and fender. Ended up just putting a rubber cap on the open threads.