Important!: Airraid intake tube.


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Jan 23, 2014
Anyone know if a airraid tube off of an 11 5.3 will fit a 15 5.3. They have 2 different part numbers but I wondered if it just had a different rubber boot connection or something like that, that was different

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Anything fits if you believe hard enough. The L83 5.3 that's in your '15 has some differences that may hinder your install though. One thing, the throttle body is actually somewhat angled upwards, it's not square with the engine block like the LS engines. There are also 2 valve cover vent hoses that are plumbed to the intake tube. You would need to put a barbed fitting on the intake tube, and get some new hose to plumb those vents to the intake tube. You could also plumb the 2 vents together, and get a vented oil cap, but be prepared for an oil smell.