Ultimate what hits/what fits, "What size tires can I run with X lift on Y truck?" !!

And you ran 295/70r17? I'm loving the look of yours and wanting to do my 2006 crew cab that way.

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You were running 295/70r17?
Yep. 295/70/17 Nitto Trail Grapplers. Only had to trim the bolt that sticks out in the passenger wheel well, and the corners of the droop and bump stop brackets.

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315 70 17 stock rear blocks and Ford keys.
Mike. You need that back

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I wish I never got rid of it. I saw it in truck trader about a year after I got rid of it, which was about 4 years ago. Whoever bought it didn't take care of it. Had the same tires on it but they were bald. Also all the buttons were rubbed down and the leather looked like shit. Pissed me off lol.
How much rubbing am I looking at with running 295/70/18 cooper ST Maxx on stock wheels with a 2.5 level and 1.25 BL on a 2011
What does that tire measure out to? I'm assuming you'll be fine on stocks with that lift combo

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I can get a deal on nitto G2s so I'm thinking I might go with them if they will fit in the 295/ 70 / 18 on factory wheels

They measure out to 34.29x11.77x18 per Nitto websitr
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I have a 2009 chevrolet tahoe lt 4wd. Does anyone know what lift I would have to get to clear 20x12 -44 offset and 33 12.50s. Can do fender trimming. Just wanted some opinions