Signature help?


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I only have a phone and tried uploading a pic on the website but won't work :/ Can anyone combine these too and make it look awesome. Lol. And throw my screen name in somewhere? I'd appreciate it.

makes it hard to make a sig is what im saying.

your not gonna get anyone to make a quality sig without quality pictures.
Here are a few older pics that look better quality. In my screen name can u match the color with the hybrid logo. Green d and the rest silver? That'd be sick!


Then my rolling shot from the meet
Bumping this! I think I have a decent pic. My absolute favorite pic of the truck since I owned it. Still want to add the hybrid logo in along with username

Wait until your :secret: mods are done, then do a new sign imo.

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Lol. Secret is out. A few people on knew about it but didn't know it was a secret. Posted in what did you blow your money on

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Lol. Once hd clip is on it still won't but done. Will have to wait for the lower denali pieces.

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