sas on 06 silverado 1500


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I am planning on doing a sas on my silverado 1500 and changing outfrontout the front and rear axles and making it an 8lug can anyone give me some ideas on the best axles and transfer case
Best axles.......... Going out on a limb and suggesting that 1) you don't need a sfa 2) your mentally not capable of pulling it off 3) you should just face facts and buy yourself a golf cart because the real world is so challenging you might as well roll on the sidewalk
really dude you should have just kept your bullshit comments to yourself if you wasnt going to help sorry i was typing fast, for now on play in your fuckin sandbox
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Lol you better grow some thicker skin bro, there's always gonna be trolling like that, especially with such a general question. But the best advice I can give you is to go check out Pirate 4x4's forum. Everything you'll ever need to know is over there about SAS. There are a couple members here that have done it but they don't get on much
Best axle is dependent on what you choose to do with your truck.

If you are planning on doing an sas because it is cool a Dana 44 would be fine. Which I am assuming is your case

And what size tire you are going to be running, budget, and if you care if you want to be able to find replacement parts easily.
the other site has more in depth SAS tech opposed to the pavement pounders on here with bolt on kits. I've seen this done on a budget with a good deal of fab work but also have seen it go upwards of $10k, fully built/hydro assist/whole 9yds.

pirate4x4 and gmfs (cajun4x4, maxxis85, dude with grey NBS ecsb, booty-fab)

axles: HP Dana 60 front axle an 14-bolt FF seem to be the norm.
Word of advise, if you get on Pirate DON'T post with a general question like that, those guys will eat you alive. Post in the intro thread and then just research. Pirate has a lot of good info but it is a sespool full of offroad nerds that are truly vicious with new guys that don't want to search because they are so knowledgeable. Here people just like to bust balls and don't take it to serious.
the other site has more in depth SAS tech opposed to the pavement pounders on here with bolt on kits.


im not lifted or sas either so i really aint mad.

but yes, as the last few people said, pirate4x4 is your best best, or talk to budrun (member on here), he did his himself.
Lulz...maybe because the other forum has 10xs the amount of members and like 6 more years of credibility... if you call it that.

Still a douchey place turning into fsc!

OP...more info is needed...
I plan on running anywhere between a 38-40 tire with 22x14s I am in the process of getting a built 6.0 motor ready for a turbo setup, it might hit the mud a few times before I repaint the truck but after that it will be few far and in between I want the setup to be able to handle a good amount of power, and not be weak if I decide to take it off road
Still a douchey place turning into fsc!

Pirate will never be FSC lol.


Any SAS is going to be costly, not only in a monetary sense but also in hours, days, maybe even months of work. There is no "best axle" answer, like previously mentioned it really depends on what you would like to achieve, what you're willing to spend, and how mechanically apt you are. There are so many options/ variables it's not even funny. If someone were to write a book on SAS swaps and include all the options & variations it would rival the bible (except this SAS book would hopefully be proven facts, but we'll save that argument for a later date :crazy:)

I work next to a few of the best fabricators in the states in my opinion. I've had thoughts of a SAS for my HD. Hell, I even own all the brackets, tubing & joints to pull off a radius arm super duty axle under my truck but haven't started due to having a pretty good idea of what is involved in a swap like that.

Do some more research, Pirate has a TON of great info but it will take some searching, some reading, and some thought. Ask detailed specific questions and you will get detailed specific answers. If you ask questions like the one above, you will get answers along the lines of " If you have to ask....". I'm not here to add to the fire, just to try and help, I personally love seeing all the SAS Chevy projects, it gives me more ideas :up:

I will say one last thing. It will probably never be perfect and it will probably never be completely done. There is always something to re-work, or something that can be made better down the road that you might have overlooked in the initial design process. If you are willing to keep devoting the time and $$$$ to work out the kinks after the axle is sitting under there then dive in headfirst and I'm sure the support you are looking for will be there considering you ask the right questions.

Honestly you'd be better off with a supercharger to help turn all that added weight vs a turbo :imo:
I appreciate it man I'm waiting to hear from a guy who knows a lot of shops I'm not doing the swap myself due to me not having the time and knowledge to do the swap I'm still looking at different setups
8-9 grand I'm not in a rush to get it installed right away I'm gonna get everything in stages and make sure I get quality parts
I appreciate it man I'm waiting to hear from a guy who knows a lot of shops I'm not doing the swap myself due to me not having the time and knowledge to do the swap I'm still looking at different setups

You just answered the first and most important question, Can I do this? I think the second question would be can I afford this? But that's your business.

Knowing your limitations is very respectable IMO.

Like Greystone mentioned an 05-up superduty axle is a decent contender. Some came with 4.10's and can be easily paired to a 14B FF rear 8 lug axle with the same gearing. You will have to run wheel adapters to get to the 8x6.5 bolt pattern or run different wheels front to back. After you have an axle picked out you will then have to look into link/radius arm options and then shock, coil spring,leaf, or even coilover options and mounting solutions. You will have to look into T-case options, make a cross member for the frame side mounts, figure out a steering setup which is a project within itself, re-route the exhaust for front D-shaft clearance,have driveshafts made, etc.... the list is VERY long.

I'm hesitant to argue pricing or try and throw out cost numbers because it's all relative to the time and quality of work from any given shop. COULD a shop get a leaf sprung solid axle under there for under 3-5K? Probably. Would it be built exactly the way you want it, look how you would like it to look, and perform exactly as intended? Probably not. I see axles come and leave my work daily that are over $10-15k per axle to put it in perspective.

I would pick either suspension or engine to work on at the moment but not both, they are both huge endeavors with many options. I've had a supercharged 6.0 and just like anything else, there are constantly kinks that need to be worked out.