nnbs wheel bearing replacement


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so must be since last year there was a tiny squeek when turning. thought it was the rotors, so had them resurfaced and could have been a culprit too. about 2 days after putting them on, got a worse noise. then just yesterday got a bad grinding noise and looked it up on youtube to verify the sounds. i put the truck on a jack both sides, drivers didnt have any play, but the passenger did.

whats out there for the nnbs? im gona check pricing at pepboys, advance, and united auto supply. whats available online? guys told me timkin or moog is good, gona try to get pricing on acdelco as well.

gona freak me out having to drive with that noise for a week before i can get it replaced. guess ill just drive like a grandma.
Get that shit fixed ASAP. Remember what happened to Corey's nnbs when he was driving?
that was a wheel hub? thought it was the spindle that broke or something from the x14's on a 2wd or whatever he had?
I can't for the world of me find a 4wd timkin hub assembly. Rockauto.com didn't have them No one with timkin local doesn't have them idk it doesn't make sense that they didn't make a hub for 4wd nnbs.

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what are you talking about im 4wd. i just dont understand why on rockauto timkin is rwd only and same thing when i looked a couple other places. guess ill have to go to the dealer and get what they have.
i thought it was too if you look above at the 2 links, just completely lost it when i opened them on summit and say Sp500301 and Sp500300 and thought they listed them as RWD lol. wierd that united auto supply and rockauto didnt have them. got a bunch from rockauto printed though.

like this summit lists sp500301 as this "Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly, Front, Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, RWD, Each" and sp500300 as this "Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly, Front, Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, Each". why would they list it as rwd when it is supposidly 4wd?
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do not drive the vehicle man, i had that noise in my truck, was driving down the road then smelt burning, the wheel was 200 ft from falling off. It blew the cv boot and the shit got everywhere, the wheel was like this parked on the trailer bringing it home \---l
ive been forced to drive it i had to work this weekend and had no one to get there or home. was not about to take a uhaul truck home. ill tell you the front outter front axle was hot as fuck. i hope i can find wheels for the week, wont be able to replace it till thursday.

if i had bought the motorcycle i was trying to get and then found out my license expired and have to take the weekend course again i wouldnt have this predicament lol.