NNBS front drop options


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I'm wanting to drop the front of my 2011 silvy 2" and wanting to find out what my options are besides spindles. I know there are adjustable/drop struts and drop coils, but I have no idea on what to go with. I'm wanting to maintain factory ride (as close as possible) but mainly need to be budget conscious.

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i think this is your 3rd thread on this, if you want a good ride, its gonna cost more money, if you want to spend less money, your gonna have a shitty ride, thats how this game works.

spindles will retain the factory ride,
Belltech adjustable struts, spindles, coil relocators...

Take your pick, there's any number of ways you can do it and at 2" of drop, none of them should kill your ride comfort too bad. Coil relocators would be cheapest although I'm not sure if McG is still making them or not. Struts and spindles the more expensive route.
I have posted about the rear in other places, but this is the only place besides my build thread that I've asked about the front. Figured I would put something here since its suspension related.

Anyways, I know you get what you pay for, and I know I won't have factory ride. I just don't want my ride quality to plummet.

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I've thought about the suspension source spindles, which are <$200, but I don't know that I could do the install. I guess the install would be my biggest fear with spindles since I don't know if a shop would do them or not.

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I did some pricing over lunch and I'm leaning towards adjustable struts now. Is belltech the only one who makes them or are there others to choose from?

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realize with struts the ride is going to be harder because they make them to prevent bottoming out.
McGaughys makes an adjustable drop strut too. Give Tim at Timssuspensiononline a call, he's a great guy to deal with. Last I knew they were $160.
Isn't stiffer better on a lowered truck?

And suspension source has the belltech's for 75 each, so I may just go with them. Do they have a forum discount code or anythjng?

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FYI, Belltech's are a lowering AND lifting strut vs McGaughys that are JUST a lowering strut. The strut body on the Belltech strut is supposedly longer than stock while the McGaughys is shorter. I'd do a little research before committing. The McG strut may ride better.