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My 2008 RCSB Build (HD Front)

So, after getting rid of the 13 crew cab, I missed having a GMFS, so I stumbled across this one.

2008 Silverado RCSB LS
5.3, pw/pl
The truck was an Alabama state Gov't truck. It had dark titanium interior with leather seats (no, not vinyl), but the rubber floor. The real kicker is it has 60k miles and I got it for 10k

Still on the lot:


Added spare parts I had laying around:
Steering wheel with controls

6 gauge bezel:

Converted to black leather interior out of an 08 LT:

2014 z71 18s and shackles:

Chrome HD grille:

And added colormatched handles and dl3s


Future Plans:
4/7 on ck375 24" reps
Full hd front end and tailgate cap
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been a while since i have seen you on the forum timmy, i also dont go over to gmfs so :shrug: lol
I noticed that Bryan! I've been looking for you, but haven't seen you in ages.

because that place is trash

yea, your lucky if i log in once a year there. normally for a link someone posts here that shows how stupid something is.

ive been here and been happy. i dont have to be nice to anyone i dont want to be, and i dont have to deal with constant noobs.
lol, i just like how its more chill. normally only one dickhead on at a time, used to be backfgt, now its