Mook's New (to him) Ride

THE Mook

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2014 Grand Cherokee Summit
Hemi 4x4
I've already installed a new air controller. Also had Dean custom make some endlinks.

I love those things. Pretty quick?

It has a "Sport" mode lol. Changes the shift points a bit. I plan on getting a tune to really wake this up. The factory tune from Jeep is much more aggressive as opposed to that limp handshake that Chevy put on my TBSS. That tune was night and day difference. I haven't started too much to look into the engine mods. I plan on doing a couple things then tune it. Not tubes or a cam or anything. I'd rather take that money and dump it into a G Body Monte/GNX or a 54Chevy...which I have been dreaming about!
That's like my moms 12 overland. Has the 3.5 pentashit and you literally can't drive it with it not in sport or it just falls on its face literally everywhere

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