In some ways, feels like coming home.


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Howdy fellas, I had honestly forgotten this forum existed. I spent a lot of time in my late teenage years lurking on a lot on the bigger truck forums but haven't really visited since 2011-2012. Decided tonight to see how things have been going and went to GMFS and realized it was just a shell of its former self, and that it had been sold to a company that seemed to not give a damn anymore.

By happenstance, I saw someone mention CGM and vaguely remembered a mass exodus that happened close to the end of my time there. So, I decided to check it out. Once I got here, I recognized several members from back in the day that appear to still be active. It's a nice surprise after realizing the disappointing place gmfs has turned into.

I've never been much of a poster, and that's not likely to change, but I do look forward to spending more time here with you gentlemen.

Oh yeah, I do have a 2013 Sierra CCSB 4x4 6.2L but it's bone stock for the time being so not much sense in posting pictures or anything just yet.